22 Rimfire Benchrest 100-200 yard

LOCATION: 200 – 300 yd range – Open to all club members and their guests

DATE & TIME: 2nd Sunday of the Month – February through September
. Signup at 8:30 am.(first shots down range @ 9:00 am)

Try shooting your .22 rifle at 100 and 200 yards. Most shooter use the benches, but you can also use the prone position.

RIFLES: Any safe .22 caliber rimfire (non-magnum) rifle with scope or iron sights is allowed. Any type front rest is allowed. Rear rests are allowed. Front and rear rests may not be connected. Spotting scopes and a spotting partner are allowed.

1. Sporter rifle: tapered barrel, traditional sporter stock configuration, any scope, any safe manual trigger. Shot from the bench or prone. Maximum weight 8 1/2 pounds.
2. Modified rifle: bull barrel, any stock configuration, any safe manual trigger, any scope, barrel tuners allowed. Shot from the bench or prone.
3. Open sights: Iron sights or open sights commonly found on target gallery rifles

Your rifle MUST be sighted in for at least 100 yards before shooting the match.

20 Shots + 5 sighters for each distance.

The 200 yard targets are designed so that a .22 rifle zeroed at 100 yards can also be used at 200 yards with very little elevation adjustment.

AMMUNITION: Any safe 22 cal rimfire ammunition may be used. Most shooters find that target velocity ammunition gives the best results.

ENTRY FEE: $10 Prizes will be awarded. Bragging rights and lots of fun and excuses.