600-Yard Prone/Bench


A data book, in which the shooter records weather conditions, sight settings and bullet results on the target, is key to success at long range. (Photo by Shawn V.)

The 600-Yard Prone/Bench discipline’s goal is to open long-range rifle shooting to as many Tri-County Gun Club members as possible. The 600-Yard Range is open on selected days for matches and, thanks to a newly installed lighting system, during specified evenings weekly throughout the year. All participants alternate between shooting and pulling targets.

Exotic rifles and calibers are not required; the typical firing lineup includes common hunting rifles, tactical rigs, iron-sighted service rifles and benchrest guns. The discipline attracts enthusiasts who can meet the challenges of wind and distance as they aim at targets more than one-third of a mile away.

Caliber-wise, the main requirement is that the bullets must be able to credibly reach the target 600 yards away. So a .30/30 deer rifle is out but a .223 with the proper loading can be very competitive. Other common calibers include 6 mm BR to .308 Winchester.

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