Cowboy Action Shooting


Besides revolver and lever-action carbine, Cowboy Action Shooting features shotgun, slide-action guns as well as side-by-sides.

The Old West-style clothing sets Cowboy Action Shooting apart from the rest of the shooting sports at Tri-County. Whether emulating Hollywood actors such as Gene Autry and Dale Evans, or real-life legends like Wild Bill Hickok and Annie Oakley, each shooter creates their own persona to relive the Wild West.

The firearms used are originals or replicas from the 1800s, with competitors typically using two single-action revolvers, a lever- or slide-action rifle, and their shotgun of choice (a double barrel, lever action or the infamous Winchester Model 1897 pump).

Targets are set to create a scenario in which the objective is to advance through as swiftly as possible. Targets typically are close-range steel plates that “ping,” which requires that only lead ammo be used.

There are two separate Cowboy Action Shooting events monthly. The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) match and the Western 3 Gun (W3G) match are each governed by the rules of the respective organization.

Cowboy Action Shooting is more than a competitive shooting sport, as the cowboy “family” offers many opportunities to get involved socially.

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