Multi-Gun requires versatility: Running a shotgun (pictured), pistol or centerfire carbine while negotiating prop-filled courses of fire. (Photo by Kellar A.)

Multi-Gun offers fast-paced shooting using shotgun and centerfire carbine and pistol.

As in other practical shooting disciplines, matches are composed of a number of individual stages. Each stage will be a shooting problem to be solved using two or three different firearms as specified in the stage description. Typically the targets to be engaged with each firearm will be clearly specified; occasionally the design of a stage will allow the shooter some latitude with regard to which firearm is used to engage some targets. Targets generally are paper silhouettes, reactive steel, or frangible targets like clay pigeons.

In addition to proficiency in marksmanship, shooters must also have the ability to safely manage the transitions from one firearm to the next. Specific instructions will be included in the stage description with regard to the disposition of firearms once the shooter has finished using them in the course of fire.

A typical match will require roughly 50 rounds of bird shot (lead shot only), several slugs, 75 rounds of pistol ammunition and 75 rounds of carbine ammo. Shooters should have a convenient means for carrying ammunition for all firearms used in a stage in case they need to perform a reload, either from necessity or as an element of stage design.

First-time shooters are encouraged to come out and observe a match first before shooting, especially if they have questions about equipment.

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