Police Pistol Combat

You don’t need to be a police officer to compete in Police Pistol Combat (PPC), held in Bay 10 on the Action Range.

There are five shooters per relay. Each relay takes about 45 minutes. For the standard event, called the 1200 match, the round count is 120, with targets set at from 7 to 25 yards, fired in standing, kneeling, prone and barricade positions. All shooting is two-handed, both right- and left-hand supported. The entry fee is $5.

The match requires a holster that covers the trigger guard of the handgun and must be mounted on a belt that goes through the pants’ belt loops. A shooting mat can come in hand. You’ll also need enough pistol magazines or revolver speedloaders for 24 rounds per stage. At least one magazine change is mandatory. Handguns must be centerfire of .32 caliber or larger. Any appropriate revolver with a maximum barrel length of 4” or a semi-automatic pistol with a maximum barrel length of 5” that can be reloaded with a magazine or speedloader can be used. However, it must have open iron sights, and not have an adjustable front sight or barrel compensator or porting.

Competitors who are uncomfortable drawing from a holster can fire a 42-shot simplified “guest” match.

If enough competitors are interested, there may be an additional event offered, called the 1500 match, with a round count of 150 and course of fire similar to the standard match but with the distances increased to 50 yards.

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