Practical Rifle


Practical Rifle tests real-world carbine marksmanship skills, whether running and gunning or standing and delivering on multiple tiny targets. (Photo by John L.)

The growth in popularity of centerfire semi-automatic carbines like the AR-15 for sporting use, hunting and target shooting has been nothing short of phenomenal. Practical Rifle is a the place to test your carbine marksmanship skills along with your ability to think on your feet during run-and-gun courses of fire ranging from 5 to 300 yards.

Typical “black rifles” at the competition include AR-15 variants in .223 Remington and .308 Winchester (and their NATO metric equivalents); and AK-47s in 5.45 x 39 mm. Red dot optics are common.

Annual special theme matches keep the challenge fresh. In spring there’s Practical Rifle’s three-gun edition, which adds shotgun and centerfire pistol to the carbine mix. Summer sees the Mike Jones Memorial Classic Battle Rifle match, in which capable old war horses like the M1 Garand get the spotlight. Additionally, mid-February and late summer/early fall “sniper” matches stretch out the distances to as much as 600 yards with scope-equipped rifles in such calibers as .308 Winchester and .260 Remington.

Note: New participants must complete the Practical Rifle orientation before shooting their first match. Contact the activity chairman for more information.

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