Rimfire Sporter

Got a standard sporter-style rimfire rifle in the gun safe? Rimfire Sporter matches give you the chance to fire it in a casual competition environment.

Held on the Blackpowder/Rimfire/Silhouette Range, matches typically run one hour. Rifles can be any repeating rimfire rifle weighing 8 pounds or less. Round count is 60 plus sighters. Firing is slow fire and rapid fire in prone, sitting and standing positions. Distances are 50 yards for prone and sitting and 25 yards for standing. Time limits are 10 minutes for 10 shots in slow fire and 35 seconds for five shots in rapid fire.

You may use a standard sling and work gloves, shooting mat and spotting scope, but no other equipment is allowed. Slings are not allowed for the standing position.
Classes are Scope, which includes peep-type micrometer sights, and magnified rifle optics of 6-power or less; and Iron, which includes any open iron sights. A special Military Trainer class – for any military training rimfire rifle with any sights and weighing up to 10 pounds – may be offered. These rigs would be included in the Scope class by default unless there are enough Military Trainer competitors to warrant their own class.

The entry fee is $5.

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