Tactical matches at Tri-County Gun Club contain elements of both the International Defensive Pistol Association and Multi-Gun competitions. Tactical is a multi-gun discipline that employs shotgun, centerfire pistol and pistol-caliber carbine in self-defense and law enforcement scenarios.

Similar to the other practical shooting disciplines, Tactical matches consist of several shooting problems called stages designed to test a shooter’s ability to efficiently engage targets in complex scenarios using two or three different firearms. Unlike Practical Pistol and conventional Multi-Gun matches, shooters are required to utilize simulated cover when available or engage targets while moving when cover is not available.

Fifty rounds of bird shot (lead shot only), five slugs, 75 rounds of handgun ammunition and another 75 rounds of carbine ammunition will be generally adequate to shoot a Tactical match. New shooters are encouraged to come out and observe a Tactical match before competing for the first time, especially if they have questions about equipment.

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