Vintage Military Rifle/Pistol

Vintage Military Rifle/Pistol is a fun way to use those military collectibles in a competition environment. Rifles and pistols for the match should have been designed in 1960 or before and seen general issue to troops. They must be in as-issued condition with original sights.

Events are held the first Saturday of the month, march through October on the 200/300 yard range. Targets are set at 200 yards. Firing is from prone and standing, and on alternating months we also include prone rapid and sitting rapid stages which require a reload, round count is 40-80 shots plus sighters. Contact the match director for details. A sling is allowed for all positions except standing. The 1950’s era 5V target is used. Sign up at 8:30, shoot at 9, entry fee is $5

After the rifle match, there’s also a vintage military pistol match(approx 11:30-12:00 start time. Targets are set from 7 to 25 yards. Round count is 48 shots, and fired two-handed. Positions include strong hand and weak hand standing, kneeling and prone. There are no reloads during stages, so only need one magazine is needed if shooting a semi-auto. The police PPC B-27 target is used. No holster is required, all shooting starts from the low ready position, you do need a case that can cover the pistol when moving to and from the line. Entry fee is $5

Contact the Discipline Chair