200 – 300 Yard Range

200-1 200-300 yard firing line. Some benches have been removed to make room for prone shooting.

This range permits controlled fire at paper targets at ranges of 200 & 300 yards. Shooters may also engage club supplied steel targets in the bunker on the right side of the range.

Permitted firearms

  • Centerfire and rimfire rifles
  • Scoped handguns with barrels at least 5.5 inches long


Paper or cardboard targets attached to supplied target holders.  Targets must not extend beyond the edges of the target backer. The club also has placed hanging steel targets in a bunker on the right side of the range. Note that armor piercing or steel core ammunition must never be fired at the steel targets.

Shooting Positions

This range has about 20 shooting benches as well as an open area for prone shooting.

Range Procedures

Upon arriving at the range, a shooter should go into the shooting shed, find an unused shooting position, and leave something at the position to indicate it is in use. He should then drive to the 200 or 300 yard target pit using the access road to the right of the shooting shed. He then can attach his target(s) to the target holder corresponding to the shooting position he has selected and raise the target holder all the way up. Note that eye and ear protection is required while in the shooting pit.  When finished shooting, the shooter should remove his target(s) and secure the target holder in the down position.

Cease fires

This range does not typically observe ceasefires. Targets are placed on target holders which are raised from pits while the range is hot. Target pits are access by a road that goes around the west end of the shooting shed. When a cease-fire is called, it is indicated by placing a yellow flag downrange.


Shooting hours are from 8AM – Sunset.  The range is closed any time the 600 yard range is in use.

Matches Held at this Range

  • Vintage Military Rifle
  • Sporter Rifle

Target holders at 200 yard target pit. Two targets are raised in position for shooting.