600 Yard Range

Restricted Range:  Use of this range is strictly limited to scheduled events.

600 yard firing line. The elevated platform is for prone shooting.

This range permits controlled fire at paper targets at 600 yards. It uses the same target holders as the 300 yard line of the 200–300 yard range. The 200-300 yard and action rifle ranges are closed when this range is in use.

Permitted firearms

Centerfire rifles with muzzle velocities adequate to permit fired bullets to strike the targets without hitting the overhead baffles.


Club supplied paper targets.  Targets must not extend beyond the edges of the target backer.

Shooting Positions

This range has about 20 shooting benches as well as an open area for prone shooting.

Range Procedures

Procedures for this range are explained at the orientation that precedes each event. Attendance at the orientation is mandatory. Those who are late will not be allowed to participate. Those interested in participating should contact the 600 yard activity chairman for more information.


This range is open only for scheduled events listed on the club calendar. Targets are lighted, permitting shooting after dark.