Action Range

Restricted Range

Only members who are Action Range Certified may shoot unsupervised on this range. Guests or members who are not certified may shoot under the direct supervision of an Action Range Certified member.


The action range consists of 13 shooting bays. The shooting bays are open, flat rectangular areas with berms on at least three sides. They have no fixed shooting positions or target holders. Shooters are free to place targets and obstacles in a wide variety of positions, shoot from unusual positions, shoot while moving, engage in rapid fire, and draw from holsters.

Permitted firearms

  • Centerfire handguns .50 caliber and under
  • Pistol caliber carbines (Click here for approved calibers)
  • Rimfire rifles and handguns
  • Shotguns firing birdshot, buckshot, or slugs


Paper or cardboard targets attached to 1×2 boards placed in targets stands. Boards & stands are supplied by the club and can be found in or just outside of the bays. Steel targets purchased from the club hung from club supplied stands are also permitted. Targets must be positioned so that all rounds fired impact a berm downrange of the shooter.

Shooting Positions

There are no fixed shooting positions. The shooter may fire from anywhere within the bay as long as all safety rules are observed.

Safety Rules

180 Rule: This rule states that the muzzle of a gun, whether loaded or not, may NEVER point uprange of the shooter. If one is in the center of a bay facing directly at the center of the backstop, the muzzle of his gun may never point more than 90 degrees to his left or right.

Muzzle over Berm Rule: The muzzle of a loaded gun may NEVER point over the backstop.

Protection: Everyone on the Action Range must use eye and hearing protection any time shooting is going on in any of the bays.


Shooting hours are from 8AM – Sunset.

This range is used extensively for training and competition. Members should check the Club calendar to determine the best time to come out.