Black Powder / Silhouette / Rimfire Range


This range hosts a variety of shooting activities with target distances out to 200 yards. It is in effect three ranges in one. As a result, the rules for this range are more complex than any other on the property. Members should read the rulebook carefully before attempting to use this range. To avoid damaging steel targets on the range, ammunition and caliber restrictions must be carefully followed.

Permitted firearms

  • Air rifles
  • Rimfire rifles
  • Black powder rifles & handguns
  • Centerfire pistol caliber rifles and carbines.  Must be no more powerful than .44 magnum.
  • Centerfire rifles, subject to the following ammunition restrictions:
    – If muzzle velocity is more than 2500 feet per second, use cast lead bullets ONLY.
    – With lower muzzle velocities, soft point bullets may also be used.
    – Magnum calibers are NOT allowed.

Permitted targets

Paper / cardboard targets:

  1. These may be placed on club supplied stands at any distance 25 yards and beyond.
  2. They may be engaged with any firearm permitted on the range.
  3. Targets may be placed at 15 yards for air rifles.

Steel targets:

  1. Steel must be placed at least 40 yards from the firing line and engaged with rifles only, no pistols.
  2. Centerfire rifle caliber rifles may NOT be fired at thinner animal targets on the rails along the ground, but may be fired at other steel targets. Other rifles may be fired at any of the steel targets.
  3. Only club supplied steel targets are allowed, except for small metal spinners set up under metal backstops.
  4. Shooters must not move animal shaped silhouette targets on the rails to other locations. They are free to move targets on tripod stands or to move geometric silhouettes (square, diamond) from one rail to another. Silhouette targets on rails must only be painted white.

Shooting Positions

Members may shoot from the benches or from between the benches (standing, prone, etc). Firearms may only be handled on the firing line, except for black powder muzzle loading guns which are loaded on the loading line behind the benches (see black powder rules).

Cease fires

Please see the Cease Fire Procedure


Shooting hours are from 8AM – sunset.


Large rifle silhouette (left) and small pistol caliber silhouette (right) on rail.


Moveable steel & paper target stands.