Conventional Pistol Range


Range with yellow flag in place to indicate cease fire.

This range permits controlled fire at paper targets at ranges of 25 & 50 yards. Turning target stands are available for use during matches.

Permitted firearms

  • Centerfire handguns .50 caliber and under
  • .22 rimfire handguns and rifles


Paper or cardboard targets attached to supplied target holders.  Targets must not extend beyond the edges of the target backers.

Shooting Positions

This range has about 20 shooting positions. One may shoot standing or seated.

Cease fires

Please see the Cease Fire Procedure

Additional Restrictions

Drawing and firing from a holster is not permitted.

Rapid fire (more than 2 shots per second) is not allowed.


Shooting hours are from 8AM – Sunset.

Matches Held at this Range

  • NRA Pistol