General Purpose Range


This range, one of the most heavily used in the complex, permits controlled fire at paper targets out to 100 yards. It is lighted, permitting shooting until 9 PM year round.

Permitted firearms

  • Centerfire and rimfire rifles
  • Handguns with barrels at least 5.5 inches long
  • Shotguns firing slugs

Permitted targets

Paper or cardboard targets attached to supplied target holders.  Targets must not extend beyond the edges of the target backer or be positioned over the center support post. Target holders may be placed at 50 or 100 yards.

Shooting Positions

This range has 30 shooting benches. Members may shoot from the benches or from between the benches (standing, prone, etc).

Cease fires

Please see the Cease Fire Procedure


Timers controlling the lights are located next to the controls for the timer system.


Shooting hours are from 8AM – 9PM.  This range is never used for competitions. It is always available to members.


Controls for the timer and lights (left) are adjacent to the first door. The black button resets the timer & turns off the warning lights. The green button starts the timer again. The warning lights can also be activated by pushing & turning one of the red knobs on the support posts along the firing line. When activated this way, the lights can only be turned off by pushing the same red knob again.