Indoor Range


This range permits indoor shooting of .22 rimfire guns at a range of 50’ and BB or air guns at ranges of 50’ or 10 meters. Infra-red heaters are present at the shooting positions.

Note: This range has special rules because of the increased risk of lead contamination.

Permitted firearms

  • .22 rimfire rifles and handguns. No magnums.
  • BB and air guns

Permitted targets

Paper or cardboard targets. For rimfire, targets must be attached to the built-in target holders just in front of the impact area, which is 50’ from the firing line.  Targets must be positioned on the target holder based on shooter position. They should be placed at the top of the holder for standing shooting, in the center for sitting, and at the bottom for prone. For BB or air gun shooting only, moveable target stands may also be placed on the blue line, which is 10 meters from the firing line.

Shooting Positions

All shooting must be from behind the red line. Moveable tables may be placed on the firing line with their red legs aligned with the red line. The white legs of the tables should be downrange relative to the red legs. When properly positioned, arrows on the tables will point at the targets.

Cease fires

Please see the Cease Fire Procedure

Safety Considerations

No uncased guns are permitted in the adjacent ready room. Uncase guns only on the range.

The ventilation system must be turned on whenever the range is in use. A marked switch on the wall by the door controls it.

Leave brass on the floor. Do not sweep the floor of the range. If necessary, brass may be gently pushed to the side of the range by adults only using the supplied tool.

Pregnant women and children under 8 years of age are not permitted on the range.

No food or drink is permitted on the range or in the ready room. Everyone should wash their hands after using the range.


This range is available 24 hours a day, except during schedule activities. Access is by member keycard.


Indoor Range with shooting tables properly placed on red firing line & the cease-fire light and a heater on.