Short Distance Pistol Range

short pistol-1

This range consists of four of metal shipping containers that permit shooting at paper targets up to 20’ away from covered shooting positions. Each container supports two shooters at the same time. The containers are open on both ends. Fired rounds impact a berm just outside the back of each container. No certification is required to use the range.

Permitted firearms

Handguns .50 caliber and under


Paper or cardboard targets attached to the supplied target holder. Targets must not extend beyond the edges of the target backer.

Shooting Positions

A shooting bench, shared by both shooters, is located just inside the containers. Shooters may stand or sit, so long as all fired rounds impact the berm behind the targets.

Range Procedures

Each container has a moveable target holder suspended from a track on the ceiling. The target holder is positioned by turning a crank on the wall next to the shooting bench. The target holder is brought to the shooting bench to place targets. It is moved to the far end of the container for shooting.

Cease fires

This range does not observe standard ceasefires. Shooters move the target carrier to the shooting bench to change targets.


Shooting hours are from 8AM – Sunset.

Additional Restrictions

Rapid fire (more than 2 shots per second) is not allowed.

Drawing and firing from a holster is not allowed.

short pistol-2

Target carrier positioned for placing targets (left) and shooting (right).