Shotgun Fields


Shotgun Fields

The Club’s shotgun fields permit members to engage in all three major shotgun sports (skeet, trap, and sporting clays). The fields adjacent to the clubhouse are lighted, allowing members to shoot until 9 PM year-round. Members are charged to use the fields to cover the cost of the birds used.

Target Key System

To maximize the time available for members to use the shotgun fields, a self-service target key system was installed. A target key is a plastic key with an embedded electronic chip that acts likes a debit card. Members pay for birds in advance at the shotgun counter in the clubhouse. Credit is added to their target key, which is then used to activate the target throwers on the various fields. This system allows members to use most shotgun fields even when the shotgun desk is not staffed. Members wanting to obtain a target key must undergo an orientation on the use of the system.
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The Club has two lighted Skeet fields. The fields are operated using blue target keys. A wireless remote at the target key station allows shooters to pull for one another. The target throwers are also voice activated, permitting members to shoot alone.

Double Trap

The Double Trap is located on a lighted field outside the clubhouse entry door. This field is operated using the blue target key. The target thrower is voice activated, permitting members to shoot alone. This machine can be set throw single targets as well as doubles. The machine setting will be changed periodically so members can shoot singles.

Continental Trap

The Club has one lighted Continental Trap field. The field is operated using blue target keys. The target thrower is voice activated, permitting members to shoot alone.

Sporting Clays

The Club has 12 Sporting Clays stations around the clubhouse and in front of the 600 yard range shooting shed. The Sporting Clays target throwers are operated using red target keys. Several of the stations share space with the skeet and trap fields. Sporting clay shooters must yield to those wanting to shoot trap or skeet on the shared fields.


Lighted fields (Skeet, Trap, Sporting Clays stations near Clubhouse): 8 AM – 9 PM year-round.
Unlighted fields (Sporting Clays stations away from Clubhouse): 8 AM – sunset.