Action Range Certification Process

In response to participant feedback over the years a change has been made in the Action Range Certification process. The old program was a one-size-fits-all design, and as a result a good portion of the old curriculum was unnecessarily remedial for shooters who have experience with safe participation in action shooting activities. With that in mind, the Action Range Certification program has been modified to permit shooters with the documented requisite level of experience to enter the process at a level that focuses more on testing than it does on training.

Action Range Certification is now a three-track process to accommodate various levels of experience. For shooters relatively new to handgun shooting, the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course or a similar beginner’s course is the first step on the road to certification. For shooters familiar with the safe use of handguns but inexperienced in action shooting activities, the Action Shooting Fundamentals (ASF) class is designed to teach the skills necessary to safely participate in the action shooting sports. Finally, shooters who can document a requisite level of proficiency in any of a number of organized action shooting activities may enter the process at the Action Range Certification Test (ARC), which focuses on procedures unique to Tri County Gun Club and tests proficiency in action shooting fundamentals.  Instructors will contact registrants for ARC to validate their credentials prior to the start of the test.

Course descriptions for Action Shooting Fundamentals and Action Range Certification are found in the Member Portal under the Events tab, available only to members.  If you are a member, courses open for registration will be visible to you.

Applicants are required to make an honest, conservative assessment of their capabilities prior to entering the program. Please read the course descriptions thoroughly to ensure that the prerequisites for the course that you wish to begin the process with have been met. These prerequisites will be tested at the outset of each class, and applicants who are dismissed for failure to meet the basic standards required for participation will not be offered refunds.