Defensive Handgun 1

Course Name: Defensive Handgun-1

Training Contractor: 540 Tactical

Course Description: This 3 hour class lays the foundation of safe gun handling skills in a deadly physical force encounter from the holster to presentation on threat.

Cost: $59

Prerequisites: Must be able to legally possess a handgun and must bring (or rent) all required gear.

Required Gear: Please bring all handguns to class completely unloaded and in a case or gun bag and leave them there until instructed

  • Must be 21 years of age unless otherwise approved
  • Must be legally able to own and possess a handgun
  • Must be able to provide photo identification to verify age and residency
  • A center fire handgun in good working condition- no sharing of handguns permitted between students – ideally, we suggest the gun you use for personal/home defense
  • 50 rounds of factory new ammunition. ABSOLUTELY NO RELOADS
  • A sturdy belt for that will support your gun and loaded magazines in a mag pouch.
  • An approved belt holster as detailed below:
    • All Holsters must be external hip/belt holsters positioned at 3:00 (or 9:00 for lefties).
    • Inside the waist band (IWB) holsters, Shoulder, Appendix, Thigh or Crossdraw are holsters are not permitted in this class. No drawing from concealment is permitted in this class.
    • Kydex or rigid leather style holsters are preferred as the top must remain open at all times as the shooter must be able to holster single handed.
    • These holster requirements are crucial so please contact 540 Tactical directly with any questions on holster requirements.
  • 2 magazines total or 1 speed loaders if using a revolver
  • Magazine pouch or speed loader pouch
  • Protective safety glasses that are ANSI approved wrap around safety glasses, or prescription safety glasses with side shields.
  • Ear/hearing protection. Both ear plugs and ear muffs are recommended for use in the indoor range.
  • A baseball style hat with a visor.
  • A case for your handgun (please bring your handgun to the range in this case)
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather
  • All shirts must be tucked in to the waistband in order to safely draw and holster your gun.
  • Sturdy outdoor type shoes/boots for gravel and grass. No sandals, flip flops or open toe shoes

Course Location: Clubhouse and Action Range