Rifle Marksmanship-1

Course Name:           Rifle Marksmanship-1

Contractor name:     540 Tactical Solutions

Brief description: Rifle Marksmanship-1 (RM-1) is a basic rifle course that teaches the essential fundamentals of both safe gun handling and marksmanship skills. Participants will learn how to safely shoot from both the bench and in the prone position. It is a prerequisite for Rifle Marskmanship-2 (RM-2). The Rifle Marksmanship series lays the essential foundation of safe, practical and proven rifle handling skills. This course is 4 hours.

Course requirements:

  • No previous training required.

Student Requirements:

  • Please bring all rifles to class completely unloaded and in a case or gun bag and leave them there until instructed.
  • Must be at least 10 years of age unless otherwise approved.
  • Must be legally able to possess a rifle.
  • Any .22 rifle in good working condition – no sharing of rifles permitted between students – ideally, we suggest a semi-auto, magazine fed adjustable sighting system (scope or irons) and an adjustable sling such as the GI web sling. Slings available for purchase at the class.
  • 75 rounds of factory new ammunition- ABSOLUTELY NO RELOADS.
  • Two magazines for a semi-automatic rifle or 1 speed loader for a tube fed (drinking straws can be adapted for tube fed use).
  • Approved shooting safety glasses- must fit over regular eyeglasses if you wear them. No safety goggles permitted.
  • Hearing protection- muffs preferred.
  • Baseball style cap with a bill (protects your face from flying brass).
  • A shooting mat or carpet strip.
  • Water & a high protein snack.
  • Dress comfortable for indoors and outdoors wear layered clothes during winter months for outdoor courses.
  • Sturdy outdoor type shoes/boots for gravel and grass. No sandals, flip flops or open toe shoes.

:                        Positive attitude and a safe mindset