Shotgun Target Key

To make it more convenient for members to practice their shotgun shooting skills or to introduce new shooters to clay target shooting, the club has installed multiple Target Key stations on the shotgun fields. The Target Key system uses a “key” with a memory chip that is preloaded with targets the member has purchased. To use the system, the member inserts his target key into a box mounted at the shooting station and proceeds to launch targets. As the targets are thrown, the number of targets on the key is reduced, just like a debit card.

This system allows members to shoot clay targets launched from multiple automatic machines from 8:00 AM to sunset on the unlighted ranges and 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM on the lighted ranges seven days a week. No staffing is required. The shotgun ranges will be closed to target key shooters the day before a Sporting Clays tournament and the day of a tournament. Check the club calendar. Shooting must cease when shotgun personnel begin loading traps or performing maintenance on equipment.


The Target Key controller allows hands-free pulling of clay birds.

“Red” Target Keys are used on sporting clays stations on the shotgun fields in front of the clubhouse, facing into the woods on both skeet fields, next to the front gate, and along the first 300 yards of the 600 yard rifle range.

“Blue” Target Keys are used on the Doubles Trap, Continental Trap and #1 and #2 Skeet Fields, allowing members who are trained on those games to use those fields. The Doubles Trap can be set by staff to throw single or double targets.


Targets may be purchased and loaded on the keys during the days and times the shotgun cashier is on duty: Thursdays 4:30-6:30 PM, Saturdays 9:00-11:00 AM and Sundays 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM. The cost of the targets for the Red Sporting Clays key is $18.00 per 100 birds with another 5% added for target breakage. When you pay for 100 birds, you actually get 105 on your key. Targets for the Blue Trap/Skeet key are sold in increments (rounds) of 25.  The cost is $45 for 10 rounds (250 targets), $85 for 20 rounds (500 targets), $160 for 40 rounds (1000 targets) and $300 for 80 rounds (2000 targets).

Using the system

To use the Sporting Clays stations, the member inserts a Red target key into a box mounted at the shooting station and proceeds to launch targets by pushing a button on the handset. The target key must be left in the box while shooting. The system allows for a single shooter to shoot alone, as a launch delay of up to 6 seconds can be programmed into the station. Alternatively, a group of shooters can just pull targets for each other.

To use the Doubles Trap, Continental Trap and #1 and #2 Skeet Fields insert the Blue key into the box and push the button.  Twenty five targets will be downloaded from your key and 3-5 extra targets will be provided free of charge for breakage.  Remove your key from the box before shooting.  If the shooter wants to load more than one round, insert the key, push the button, remove the key, re-insert the key and push the button.  Repeat as needed.   All fields that require a Blue key allow for a single shooter to shoot alone using the voice activated speaker system.  When you undergo training for the Blue key, you will be shown how to use the voice activated system.

The general rules for use of the Target Key system as well as instructions for operating the system are contained in the following documents.

Target Key System Rules

Target Key System Overview

Operating Stations With 2 Traps

Operating Stations With 4 Traps

Shot Size Chart

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