Tri County Gun Club training courses are now available for online self-service registration and payment through our member portal, under the EVENTS tab.
The member portal is the website where you maintain your contact information, and now you will register for training there as well.


• If you responded to one of our many requests to send us an email address, then we have sent you a link to the portal, so you already have a portal login (your email address) and password. Just login at and you will see the new EVENTS tab.
• If you know the email address we have on file for you but have never used the portal, go to the website, select Members Only, then select Maintain Contact Information. You will be able to bgin to login with your email address, but select “Forgot Password” to reset your password. Then, just login and you will see the new EVENTS tab.
• If you have never sent us an email address, never logged into the portal, or if you have forgotten your password, send an email message to with the subject “PORTAL LOGIN.” We will put your email address into your record and send you a link to the portal. Just login and you will see the new EVENTS tab.


• The consolidated training schedule, separate from the calendar, will no longer be published on this website. Instead, when a training event (course) is scheduled, it will now appear on the portal, ready for registration. If you want to see a calendar view of scheduled events, login to the portal, select the EVENTS tab, and select Switch to Calendar View.
• If you are eligible to register for an event, then you will be able to see it on the portal. Examples of events you might not be able to see are New Member Orientation and Evaluation sessions, since those are only open to Applicants in the new member induction process.
• If you don’t see a course you are interested in, it is because the instructor has not completed the schedule with TCGC. As soon as a course is scheduled, it will appear on the EVENTS tab within a working day.
• All events will continue to be published on the calendar on the website (, so that’s where you look to find out if a range is going to be available.


• To register for an event, select the event from the list and click on “REGISTER”, following the prompts. You can see if there are seats available in the course before you register.
• Registration requires immediate online payment of the course fee by debit or credit card.
• Once a limit of registrations is reached for a course, students will automatically be placed on a wait list for the next available seat or another session, if available.
• For many events, there will be a minimum registration set by the instructor, below which the course may be canceled by the instructor. Where we know the minimum, we will publish it in the event description.
• Students will be not be able to cancel their own course attendance online. If you want to cancel, select “view details” on your registration and you will be prompted to send a message to course administration to cancel. Be sure to include in the e-mail the name and date of the course that you want to cancel.
Members registering for courses requiring pre-requisite skills will be evaluated by instructors prior to the course. Pre-requisites are listed in detail in the course description.


Written exams will now be conducted online: after course registration and online payment, students will receive an email message with a link to the online test within a day or two of registration. The tests will be graded and results will be reported to the instructors and staff automatically.


For the purposes of this policy, an “event” is a class or competition match. Online event registration fees at Tri-County Gun Club are not refundable.
If you register for a class online and then later decide not to attend, your registration fee will not be refunded. If Tri-County Gun Club cancels an event for any reason, your registration fee will be refunded.


1. Can I invite a guest to attend a course with me?
a. Yes.  But you can only add a guest at the time you make your registration, so get the names of your guests (up to 3) before hand.  You will register and pay for your entry and for each of theirs, so you’ll need to settle up with them after the fact.

2. Can I pay the instructor for the class on the day of class?
a. No, all payments need to be made online by credit or debit card when you register. Registration will not be confirmed until online payment is made.

3. What if I forgot my password?
a. Go to the website, select Members Only, then select Maintain Contact Information. You will be able to login with your email address, but select “Forgot Password” to reset your password.
b. If you cannot login with your email address, send a message to, subject “EMAIL UPDATE” and we will update the email address on your record and send you another link to set a password, so that you get login to the portal.

4. What else can I view in the TCGC member portal?
a. You will be able to see how many seats for that course are open, so you will not have to register for a course only to learn that it is already full, or that you are on a waitlist.
b. You will see details of any pre-requisites, equipment or supplies requirements, and an overview of course content along with the name of the instructor.

5. Will I get a refund if I cancel my registration?
a. No, if you cancel your registration or simply don’t show up for a registered course, your registration fee will not be refunded.
b. If you notify the club at least 48 hours before the time that the originally scheduled course starts, you may make one schedule change, to a different session of the same course.
c. If there are no more sessions of the same course on the schedule, your registration fee will not be refunded.

6. What if TCGC or the instructor cancels the course?
a. If a course is cancelled by the instructor or the club, members will receive full refunds or credits.

If you have questions about any aspect of online training registration, contact and we will get in touch to answer your question or resolve your problem. Email contact is by far the best way to reach us, since those of us involved in training administration usually work from home.