Precision Rifle

Precision Rifle Matches

Precision Rifle matches are ‘tactical’ long range shooting matches featuring small targets at distances out to 550 yards, tight par times, movement, unconventional shooting positions, as well as barricades and obstacles. Most matches will have at least four stages, or “courses of fire.” The stages are different every month and can include multiple targets, multiple shooting positions, movement from place to place and shooting from behind barricades, obstacles, etc. We use mainly steel targets of varying size and distance for all the stages.
Matches are held in the Lower Range Complex on the second Sunday of the month. The match fee is $20. The match is limited to 30 people. Sign-up is by e-mail via the contact form at the bottom of this page. Participants must arrive by 8:15 AM on the day of the match. First time participants should contact the match director in advance to make sure they have the correct equipment.

Participants need a scoped centerfire rifle with a muzzle velocity less than 3150 feet per second. Magnum calibers are not permitted due to the potential for target damage at the relatively short distances we’re shooting at. Steel core or armor piercing ammunition is strictly forbidden. Bipods, bean bags, slings, and shooting sticks are also helpful. Shooters new to TCGC Precision rifle must demonstrate that they have appropriate dope for their rifle for the ranges we are shooting, and might be asked to engage a target to confirm that.

Precision Rifle Rules

Precision Rifle Practice

Precision Rifle practice gives participants the opportunity to engage steel targets at 600 yards in a non-competitive environment. Practice sessions are typically held every other Thursday evening on the 600 yard range. Check the club calendar for exact times and dates.
Equipment requirements are the same as for Precision Rifle matches. First time participants must arrive before practice begins to demonstrate that their rifle is properly zeroed and that they have the correct dope from the 300 yard line.