Member support

Member Support

Below is a list of various club officials and the things they can help you with. Go to the Contact Us page to send a message to the appropriate official.

Operations Manager (Rusty Jobe)

  • Gate cards not working
  • Replacement gate card
  • Calendar of events issues (scheduling)
  • Maintenance and equipment issues
  • Pest issues (yellow jackets, etc.)
  • Alarms, locks, security issues
  • Target purchasing (paper, steel and clays)
  • Change of address
  • Not receiving club mailings
  • Obtain verification of membership status
  • Lost annual dues statement Question concerning whether a payment has been receive
  • Reschedule new member training

Police Liaison (Randy Schleining)

  • Law Enforcement training issue

Shotgun Manager (Bruce Austin)         

  • Obtain or schedule training for shotgun target key
  • Report trap malfunctions