Safety and Range Rules

Safety & Rules

Effectively managing the risks associated with the use of firearms is the most important task that the TCGC Board has in its day-to-day operation of the facility.  While we’re always trying to maximize the use of the physical plant, we must always place the safety of our members, staff, neighbors, and facility at the very top of our list of priorities.

TCGC’s approach to safety is based on the understanding that mishaps rarely have a single cause.  It is far more likely that they are the culmination of a chain of events that, if it had been broken at any point, would have prevented the mishap from occurring. The TCGC Rulebook is the tool that we use to manage the behavioral aspects of risk.  Rules that appear to be redundant, or needlessly repetitive, are actually part of a multi-layered defense that is designed in such a way so as to not be susceptible to a single-point failure.  The Rulebook is not a list of suggestions.  Membership in the Club and use of the facility is contingent upon your acceptance of the responsibility to know the rules, and your agreement to follow them at all times.

TCGC’s rules are based on what are commonly known as the 4 rules of safe gun handling.  Arguably the most important of these is the first; coming onto the property with the mindset that all firearms are to be treated as if they are loaded and in a condition to fire at all times.  We can accomplish much of what we routinely do in our daily lives without a lot of concentration, but recreation with firearms demands a level of mindfulness and engagement that requires a conscious effort to shift mental gears as we drive through the main gate.

It is also important to understand that TCGC’s unique location surrounded in close proximity on all sides by human habitation and activity requires that the definition of an unsafe direction to point the muzzle of a firearm be expanded to include any direction that would cause a round to fly over a backstop or leave the physical boundaries of the Club.  Any round leaving the property carries potentially catastrophic consequences with it.  This point cannot be over-emphasized.

Therefore, all members must be familiar with and follow all club rules.


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